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When life events affect your money, the stress and confusion can be painful. Whatever financial planning or investment decisions are keeping you up at night, LifePlan Financial Advisors would like to help. Since 1997, Gwen Garrison has helped guide clients to a place of peace and purpose. Engaging conversations help you pinpoint your values and goals. Then expert analysis compares those goals with your financial realities and opportunities. “What if?” scenarios help you see how your options impact your goals.

Your financial decisions no longer depend on the latest scary news, a neighbor’s hot tip, or your uncle’s insistence that his way is best! You have a plan that fits YOU. Together, we continue to monitor, adjust and stick with your plan. By collaborating, we help you avoid choices that damage you financially, personally or spiritually. Our intention is for you to emerge with increased strength, wisdom, peace of mind, confidence and joy.


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Gwen Garrison is registered with and offers securities through Kovack Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. 1350 Church St Ext NE 3rd Floor Marietta GA 30060 770-319-1970

Advisory services offered through Resource Horizons Investment Advisory. LifePlan Financial Advisors is not affiliated with Kovack

Securities, Inc. or Resource Horizons Investment Advisory. Gwen Garrison offers securities in: GA, AL, CO, FL, MN, MS Gwen Garrison offers advisory services in: GA, AL, CO

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