Home School and Alternate Workplace for 14 Days. Now What?!

Gwen Garrison |

So, you became a homeschool teacher and a work from home employee over night?  Are you wondering how you are supposed to continue your workstreams, manage planning calls, and teach your least favorite subjects all within normal business hours?  Sure, you could delay classroom hours until after work hours but how productive will your 5-year-old and 8-year-old be after 6 pm?

Well, I would like to offer a few resources that may be of help during this time.


If meals are a problem, there are several school districts who are offering meals.  Check with your local school board and local community foodbank if purchasing food is an issue during this time.  If purhcasing food is not an issue, then Uber Eats is waiving its delivery fee.


If you don't have an internet service provider, Comcast is offering Xfinity Wi-Fi free to everyone including non-Xfinity subscribers.  Visit their website for more information.  For videconferencing, of course Zoom and Skype offers free accounts.  Maybe you and other parents can corrdinate a learning schedule where each of you review your favorite subject online with your child and a few of their classmates.  If you must go at it alone with your child, there are several online tools to assist you with your least favorite subjects and/or provide online interactive activities for your child.  A few of them are listed below:

Check your local school district's website as well.  Some have listed resources to use during this time.

Other Interactive Tools

And when you would like to break-up your child's day with some other fun but educational activities, why not introduce them to an online financial education activity.  No better time than the current to help understand the importance of saving and managing money.  Here's a few that I recommend:

Gwen and I hope you find these resources to be of help.  Continue to check LifePlan Financial Advisors Facebook Page for other articles and resources during this time.  If you have other tips tht you would love to share, we would to to hear from you.