Sheltering Our Hearts While We Shelter in Place

Gwen Garrison |

With this latest "Shelter in Place Order", I realize I need to focus on Acceptance that this pandemic is worse that I had hoped it would be and probably will last longer that I had expected.  These restrictions are life-saving measures to protect myself and those around me.

The misery is in the resistance, the "ain't it awful".  Acceptance does not mean that I endorse, like or agree with what is happening -- just that I will not spend precious mental and emotional energy resisting reality.

Yes, there are losses to grieve -- and we should.  Not only have people lost loved ones, or had serious illnesses.  But weddings, graduations, recitals, sports activities, gatherings of families and friends and spiritual growth activities have been interrupted or cancelled. It is OK to catalog the losses we grieve.

But in exchange, we and others get to LIVE and enjjoy these people and events again.  THAT's the reward.  HOPE is the reward.  Hang on to it today.  Acceptance brings hope out of grief.

We realize that for many people, confidence in a secure retirement has been severely shaken.  That is a loss to grieve as well.  In this instance, acceptance may mean understanding that different strategies may be required to obtain the income you need for decades along with a risk level that you can tolerate.  Sibyl and I are happy to talk with you about your concerns and your choices.  Those employees who have the option of an in-service distribution on their retirement plan might be particularly well served to explore their choices.  The more you process your emotions and learn about your choices, the easier it is for your right and left sides of your brain to agree on a wise course of action.  We'd love to help.  Call Gwen or Sibyl or book a phone call or web meeting through our website at