Home School and Alternate Workplace for 14 Days. Now What?!

So, you became a homeschool teacher and a work from home employee over night?  Are you wondering how you are supposed to continue your workstreams, manage planning calls, and teach your least favorite subjects all within normal business hours?  Sure, you could delay classroom hours until after work hours but how productive will your 5-year-old and 8-year-old be after 6 pm?

Well, I would like to offer a few resources that may be of help during this time.


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Parents’ Dilemma with Student Debt –Parent Plus Loans

Millions of loving parents have signed Parent Plus Loans for their college students and now find themselves in a quandary over it.  I recently taught a student loan debt workshop for nursing students.  One of the topics we covered was Parent Plus Loans.  Although I have talked about PLUS loans many times before, this time, I immediately began to feel just as anxious about loan repayment as the students.

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