Absolutely.  As part of our "Personal Financial Advisor" services we specialize in helping women and business owners develop their best strategy for creating a sustainable retirement. If they have children, we do our best to make sure they do not sabotage their retirement when paying for college. We have experience working with the financial aid process and helping find creative ways to fund college.

We also have considerable experience helping adult children and senior adults manage financial resources and protect them from theft. If you are managing investments for a senior adult you love, let us share how we can make it easier.

As often as it takes to understand your personal situation, determine where you are now and where you want to go. Once you select a frequency, you will automatically receive a postcard and an email reminder to schedule your review appointment. You can change the interval whenever you wish.

It depends on the scope and complexity of your situation but generally speaking our “Personal Financial Advisor” service is offered on a stand-alone basis for a project fee between $1,500 and $5,000. Our Asset Management service ranges from 1.00% to .75% of managed assets and includes our "Personal Financial Advisor" services.

Depending on the portfolio manager selected, you may use a diversified portfolio of individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, alternative investments or exchange traded funds (ETFs) For non-retirement accounts, tax-managed portfolios are provided to minimize tax liability. We do our best to keep internal expenses to a minimum on all of your accounts.

We believe that markets will go up and down and we absolutely do not have control over that. Our job is to help you select investment strategies that match your ability to tolerate risk and are designed to help you to reach your financial goals. We may recommend that you use mutual funds, annuities, separately managed accounts of stocks and bonds, or portfolios of mutual funds and EFTs – whichever is most suitable for you. Some investment products change their investment mix when markets become more volatile and some do not. We do not have pre-conceived ideas about what a client’s investment selections should look like. We just want them to be a good match for you and help you accomplish your goals.

Yes, as a Registered Investment Advisor we are held to a fiduciary standard. However, as a matter of personal integrity and by our own choice, our commitment has always been to do what is in our client’s best interest, first and foremost.

It’s a question we get asked at all the time!

Today, as young people begin to build up cash in savings, pay off student debts, start families, and adopt a more mature attitude towards money — many technology solutions are making managing your investments easy. However, many people have limited time and money to start investing. To solve these problems, LifePlan Financial Advisors offers $ymbil, a software solution that reduces the operational time involved in managing smaller accounts. We are excited to offer a hybrid online investment management platform ($ymbil) which allows us to better serve investors who are just getting started. You can open an account with as little as $500.

$ymbil account features include:

  • Online risk tolerance measurement
  • Investment in one of $ymbil’s proprietary asset allocation models, based on customized risk and return objectives
  • Portfolio monitoring and automatic rebalancing
  • Self-service capability to move money in AND move money out between your bank and your investment account
  • Online statements and trade confirms as well as a sleek and easy-to-use online client portal
  • On-demand performance reporting and statements so you can see just how your account is doing

Whether you’re ready to move over that online brokerage account, open and begin contributing to a Roth IRA, or begin saving and investing for the first time, $ymbil can help you get started.


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