LifePlan Financial Advisors has an approach that makes your life easier. You deal directly with your advisor for financial planning and advice. We listen to your concerns, develop a plan to address those concerns and carry out that plan with you. 

As your Personal Financial Advisor, we will provide

Accessibility – Our financial advisors have their office phones forward to their cell phones when they are away from their desk, so you never have navigate menus or sit on hold. We return calls no later than the next business day, often within an hour or two. And you can easily schedule an appointment by clicking on the blue “BOOK A MEETING” button at the right. You can see our calendars for the next 30 days and pick the best time for you. A limited number of evening and weekend appointments are available, too.

Organization – We will help you get your “ducks in a row” and keep them there. From smartphone and desktop tools that manage monthly spending to seeing all of your financial accounts on a single web page, we help you keep it simple and easy. With your permission, we’ll keep in touch with your CPA and attorney to keep one another informed for your benefit. We firmly believe that if we make it easier for you to do a better job managing your money, you will. 

Accountability – We will support you to follow through on financial commitments by breaking down big goals to smaller steps and doing “first things first.” And we’ll celebrate your progress, not perfection.

Objectivity – We act as your fiduciary, your confidant and advocate. We help you to gain perspective and avoid reactive financial decisions sparked by fear or excitement about potential profits. We do in-depth contextual information gathering to make sure you have enough clear information, as well as manage and disclose any of our own potential conflicts of interest. We always tell you how we get paid and how much.

Proactivity – We work with you to anticipate life milestones and be prepared for them. We help you cope with sudden financial events so that you can handle the challenge in the best possible manner, emotionally, mentally and financially.

Education – We explore what additional knowledge you may need to be successful in your situation, and we provide resources and referrals. We want you to clearly understand your options, risks and consequences.

Partnership – We want to help you achieve the best life possible, and we will work with you to make this happen. By taking time to listen and understand, we can provide the right information and support to help you make more successful decisions. Collaboration is critical to select the financial strategies and decisions that are the right fit for you at each point in your life.