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We provide “Personal Financial Advisor” services on a project cost basis. We estimate the cost based on the complexity of the work and your specific needs. You approve the cost before we begin work. Cost for most financial plans range between $1,500 for very simple plans to $5,000 for more comprehensive projects. For a very complex project, we will provide a customized estimate.  For projects of a smaller scope, such as college planning or Social Security planning, the fee would be estimated on an hourly basis.

You also may choose a traditional approach by paying a monthly “investment assets under management” fee that comes out of the account being managed. If the account(s) provide a large enough fee, the Personal Financial Advisor services can be included for that fee. Or you may prefer an agreed-upon monthly financial coaching fee that is billed directly to you.

If you want to develop a strategy to pay for college or create a sustainable retirement income plan, we can help. Or if you would like a single go-to fiduciary advisor to oversee every moving part of your financial life, we may be just what you’re looking for.

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