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Our investment goal is to generate a personalized rate of return that moves you steadily towards your stated objectives. As you move through life’s stages your needs, priorities and the economic environment will change, and so, too, must your investment strategy. That’s why our risk-management process embraces uncertainty. We will assess changes in economic and market conditions and your personal situation to determine if any modifications to your investment plan are necessary. Having a flexible process that evolves along with you helps us minimize risk and take advantage of opportunities that arise.

There are three different ways to obtain financial advice, financial planning or investment services. All costs are explained and approved by you before any work is begun.

Every client is provided a free personal financial website to consolidate your entire financial picture and update all of your account information overnight. Ask about yours today.

Client Centered
  1. You may choose the traditional approach by paying a monthly investment assets under management fee that comes out of the account being managed. If the account(s) provide a large enough fee, the Personal Financial Advisor services can be included for that fee. Fees range from 1.25% per year for accounts under $500,000 to 0.75% per year for accounts of $1 million to $3 million dollars. Fees for accounts over $3 million dollars are negotiable, depending on the services you need.

  2. If you are an investor with small accounts, we can provide the Personal Financial Advisor services on a monthly cost basis that is billed directly to a credit card or checking account. The cost is based on the extent of your needs. We provide an “incubator” for very small accounts, called “$ymbil.” with online access and very low costs. Find out more at

If you would like a single go-to fiduciary advisor to oversee every moving part of your financial life, we may be just what you’re looking for. Schedule your free initial visit today. Or, call Gwen at 678-364-9677 or Sibyl at 770-283-9574.

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